IOSH: Safety for Senior Executives & Directors

Course Title: IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors
Course Reference: HS21
In-house or public: In-house
Accrediting organisation: Certificated by IOSH
Description: Introduction

This is a new course accredited by IOSH which replaces the original Safety for Senior Executives, and Directing Safely Courses.  It amalgamates the two courses and focusses on a strategic plan, do, check, act approach.

Senior personnel need to be aware that the responsibility for health and safety rests ultimately with them, and not with those who have been appointed to deal with it on a daily basis.

This course builds upon the practical application of risk and safety management when planning, implementing, monitoring and reviewing business management strategies. It will enable senior personnel to integrate more effectively safety and risk management to their business cycle.

It also includes guidance given in the joint publication by the Institute of Directors (IOD) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), titled “Leading Health and Safety at Work”.

Suitable for

Senior managers with strategic responsibility for determining and implementing effective health and safety management in an organisation with 250 or more staff.


Successful completion of training programme, the delegate will be able to:

·         Describe the legal, moral and financial role of Operational Directors, owners of small businesses and Senior Executives, including their responsibilities, liabilities and accountabilities, both personal and organisational

·         Explain the importance of safety and health at top management level and how integrating those objectives into other business management objectives can help to minimise risk, reduce losses and make better use of time and resources

·         How to plan the direction for safety and health through developing and implementing a safety and health policy, and integrating it into business systems

·         Explain the value of an adequately resourced and efficient safety and health management system, the value and benefits of training at all levels, and when to access competent advice

·         Outline the benefits of good safety and health management systems, the consequences of failure to manage effectively, and how to ensure internal controls are working

·         Describe the importance of reviewing and continually improving management systems, especially following change or failure

·         Explain the positive impact and improvement that an organisation’s leaders can have on its performance through their attitude and support for improving its safety culture

·         Describe the importance of setting key performance indicators and targets, together with performance monitoring and review for continual improvement in safety and health management.

 Exam Format

Multi-choice examination paper, lasting 30 minutes and a brief assessment lasting no more than 30 minutes.

Programme Outline

Law & responsibility

·     Why manage safety? Legal, financial and moral reasons.

·     Main legal requirements

·     Corporate Manslaughter / director liability

·     Enforcement Action / penalties

·     Cost of failure


·     H&S Safety policy. Statement, organisational arrangements and procedural arrangements. Review

·     How policy is used in civil / criminal liability

·     Understanding strategic and operational risk assessment

·     Purpose of risk assessment to identify priorities, resources etc


Key aspects of implementing safety:

·     Contractors/procurement

·     Safety procedures

·     Training / competence

·     Visible leadership


·     Active and reactive monitoring strategies:

·     Accident reporting

·     Statistics

·     Measuring against KPIs, board strategy etc

·     Inspections etc

·     Spot checks

·     Lead by doing


·     Reviewing performance

·     Continuous improvement – highlighting the positives

·     Annual reporting & CSR

·     Safety as a PR tool

·     Key features of a safety culture

Difficulty: Introductory
Location: At the client’s premises or an agreed off-site location (subject to agreed costs)
Course dates: Please phone 01375 673279 for dates. In-house courses: Date, time and venue specified by you.
Duration: 1 Day
Fee: Price upon request. Maximum of 8 delegates
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HS21 IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors

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